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This a a draft revision of the main Ask_OLPC_a_Question page -- which isn't really ready to be seen yet. I'm planning on tinkering with it, then running it by the main wiki folks to see if they want to go with it. -- Hex

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<text=red>Questions about World XO deployment</text>

General Philosophical Questions

Questions about Laptop Giving Not Related to Give One, Get One

Questions about Give One, Get One

North American Ordering and Shipping Details

G1G1 deliveries: will UPS need someone to be at home to sign for them?

I understand from the OLPC donor services e-mail referred to in the Estimated G1G1 Shipping Date discussion above that the Give One, Get One XO laptops being distributed in North America will be shipped via UPS.

It would be helpful to know the exact weight and dimensions of the final shipped boxed XO's. Could someone post that information when it's available?

Typically when I get things from UPS here at home they ring the doorbell and leave the package, not waiting for a signature. I'm not sure I want them to leave an XO on my front stoop; though I might. Depending on the anticipated delivery date I may even be out of town. I think that the shipping originator (in this case, OLPC) might be able to instruct the UPS driver to require a signature, or to explicitly waive a signature, or even to attempt delivery to adjacent addresses. What would most G1G1 participants want?

A related question: once UPS accepts packages for delivery, the shipment is trackable by a unique shipping number. Would it be possible to have UPS e-mail G1G1 participants their tracking number? Maybe you could give UPS the e-mails that are tied to each order. Who knows, maybe UPS could ask us whether we wanted a signature release or not. I'm not trying to make more work for OLPC, but these services might be common UPS offerings, and I would at least like OLPC to check into this. Thanks ~ Hexagonal 16:32, 21 November 2007 (EST)

I got my G1G1 laptop dumped on my front porch in a snow storm. If I hadn't just been looking out onto my porch and noticed it the box would have been under the snow till the next day in below zero tempertures. Guess they didn't make much effort to knock on the door or anything else as we were in the house. This happened with other things we ordered so don't expect any notice stuck in the door at this time of year. Box is approx. 11" X 11" x 5" - Dennis Cutter - Westbrook, Maine, Day One customer

Participating in G1G1 from Countries not in North America

How I can buy it from Italy?

A mode to buy it from Europe exist (now)? how many time we have to wait for? will the price be in Us Dollars for us too? Are you ready to answer for a very large ask of this laptops? In Europe there is a very big curiosity about your work. Very good!

What Will Ship With the XO

What is included with the laptop?

If you participate in the g1g1 program, what will we recieve other that just a loptop? i.e.- the yoyo charger? And how will we purchase replacements for the battery?Ie- Open an online store for those who will have the xo-1 in the near future?

Warranty and Support

Please provide instructions on how to obtain warranty service.

Warranty, too short

I have been thinking about the give one get one program. Kind of scared off by the 30 days warranty. Will I be able to buy another unit if the one I got failed after one month and the give one buy one program has ended? --Anonymous.

There are no public plans to provide replacement units after the 30 days, see the terms and conditions for why. OLPC must offer a minimum warranty to comply with regulations. Paid support may be available, and that service may provide replacement units, not sure. --Quozl 20:00, 22 November 2007 (EST).

Hardware and Networking Questions

Range of the Mesh Network

What is the range between 2 laptops using just the mesh network?

In excellent conditions, over 1.3 km. (along a rural road, held up high)

Internet Security and Filtering

What Accessories Will Be Available to G1G1 Participants

What Peripherals Will We Be Able to Hook Our G1G1 XO's Up To


Is it possible to print from this computer? If so, what printer and printer software works?

The short answer is no, the software we provide on the XO does not do this, but it may do so later. It is not part of our design target, since printing will be handled by school servers rather than the laptops. There is no technical reason why software cannot print from these computers ... and I have done it with networked printers via the wireless network using special tools. It is just that we don't need it yet. We do recognise that "give 1 get 1" XOs are going into the first-world community which is rich in printing services, but we don't have the time right now to work on this problem. People who want to help can coordinate via the Printing page, and collaborate within the user groups. --Quozl 04:11, 23 November 2007 (EST)

Questions about the Software That's Actually Included

What Other Software Applications Might We Be Able To Use

which search engine can be used with the G1G1?

Educationally searching for information is important. What search engine can be used? Also, for children in developed countries, A I M is a highly valued computer activity. (We parents might disagree!) Can A I M be loaded onto a G1G1 model? Is there some open source word processing function? Can files be transferred to other computers and then get printed?

Thank you Louisa-- 08:35, 23 November 2007 (EST)

Google is the norm, but any search engine should work fine. There is a chat activity, but it doesn't work with A I M. (you might be able to add one that works with A I M though) There is a word processor. Files can be transferred by a USB storage device; network transfer might be possible. 15:04, 23 November 2007 (EST)