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Seven challenges for the Open Source community:

  1. Alignment of goals: Open≠free.
  2. Normal culture: Broaden the base of participation.
  3. Access: economic, political, and cultural barriers are formidable.
  4. Keep it simple: Open Source is just as fat as proprietary offerings.
  5. Better models of human affect and cognition leads to more expressivity.
  6. Transform phone culture, which is service oriented rather than tool oriented.
  7. Learning-centric design is better than trumps human-centric design.

Walter's seven news services for community:

  1. Identifying, including contrasting and relating
  2. Analyzing, including positioning and verifying
  3. Localizing, including augmenting and remembering
  4. Contextualizing, including connecting and relating
  5. Expressing, including storytelling and transcoding
  6. Learning, including interacting and constructing
  7. Advertising, including observing and transacting