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Hi! I'm just using this page to practice wiki formatting, draft text for our OLPCorps Africa grant application, and keep track of work that needs to be done.

If you want to see information about our proposal, please got to our OLPC proposal page.

Table of Contents Ketane, Lesotho
Ketane southwest satellite google maps.JPG



Letters of Support
Draft Budget
Deployment Schedule

OLPC/MC-Lesotho Home Page

  • Section 7.1 - Support: add organization names as they commit to the project
  • Section 7.3 - Fundraising: add details (who, what, when, how ...), tie in to budget
  • Section 8.0 - Plans: insert calendar?
  • Section 8.1 - Pre-deployment: include fundraising, organizing community, getting letters of support, scheduling, acquiring supplies, arranging logistics
  • Section 8.3 - Deployment: Maseru - logistics; Ketane - logistics, introductions, installation & construction, training ...
  • Section 8.4 - Long-term: fundraising, ...

OLPC/MC-Lesotho Subpage: Draft Budget

  • write budget (table)


Deployment Schedule