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Recent Projects

Summer 2008: Game-based "Typing Turtle" activity
Mentor: Wade Brainerd
Co-developer: Kate Scheppke and Prakhar Agarwal
The weekly progress can be viewed here: Weekly_Updates


I’m Khushbu Mohta, a 3rd year student pursuing my undergrad from Krishna Engineering College, Ghaziabad with Computer Science as my major. It's been eight months I'm using Linux and developed love for Open Source during my summer training at Durgapur Linux User Group

I'm passionate about programming. I've been developing desktop applications as a part of academics. Now I'm trying my hand with python. Prakhar Agarwal is a friend of mine who is working on the project Typing Turtle and offered me to work with him on the same.

Areas of Interest

  • Desktop Application development
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Database Administration

I know C, Data Structures, Java, Python, GTK, Visual Studio, Oracle, SQL

SSH key

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAuX1rJQeu6JyE0oQgspK5JBw3ivyfOdNfjkeNlCvqBS2jIi4vt0ZwXwjT495zycIRglGq1daxq9eGjhHzOGt73LzTskgPH5Z7FqnTcZmLdbSA7efcI2k0ce8+IY8DbUnlqAx87Gm1QjCSGC+p+Ubu+/frAKlKY35Lk1b/4ZBDAOjZ3KOwmPYY1uwFabYK3BSw/sC8IDO20GFvcb4Y2e+TL9x7wtefJYhuwfriCXa7SrEtRXfz9JYu+HHgCe3GWN0g8Se7vfJ4Njh7vFm1+9lXbbL5NgwrgP2y2gae92cnAn5gJDfxvt77PmYj8AsK9apOAhIvaPXhjEE9sfKC6zw3yw== khushbu@localhost.localdomain