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Welcome to my user page. I'm a consultant at BearingPoint working on a pro bono project (described here) to help with improving the deployment toolkit for OLPC.

Wikis can grow to be quite complex over time, especially when many people from many locations are contributing to them on-the-fly as they are doing deployments and resources for managing that collected knowledge are scarce. There are also lots of ideas floating around about how to help the different deployment teams share lessons learned and collaborate on solving the many problems encountered during a deployment.

We are trying to do our bit by providing a few additional helping hands to organise all that knowledge, the links to other sites, the ideas for how to collaborate, the various spreadsheets and google documents that have been created to help deployment teams succeed.

We've been interviewing people involved in deployments to get their views on how things could be improved and what additional guidance would be useful. We'll be creating additional content in the wiki, and looking through for pages that are difficult to find or duplicated and integrating them so there is a natural flow. Once the wiki is updated we'll be producing a new version of the deployment guide google document and issuing a process (as a wiki page) describing exactly what we did so it can be easily repeated.

We have some time, and some experience at knowledge management and process improvement, so any ideas you have that can help us make things easier for deployment teams to find what they need and to collaborate on problem solving would by greatly appreciated.

If you have any ideas please let me know by leaving me a message here. You can also connect to me on LinkedIn. My skype id is markburnett11.