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Getting 8.2.0 on your XO

So you want to get 8.2.0 on your XO! It has shiny new things.

If you want to wipe out everything on your XO and have fresh versions of the 8.2.0 release and Activities, see the "Making my XO like new" section. Your Journal entries will be lost - you are erasing all your data and starting over with the new software!

If you want to keep the work you've done in your Journal but get the new software, see the "#Keep my work, but give me the new software" section below. You will need to have your XO connected to the internet - otherwise, you will have to use the instructions above. When you upgrade to 8.2.0, you might not be able to use all the Activities you were using with the previous build, so you might not be able to use all your Journal entries if they were made using Activities that do not work with 8.2.0.

Making my XO like new

With Internet connectivity, you can prepare yourself to reflash (restore) an XO to its factory-default settings. This procedure is called a "clean-install" and is described in more detail at Clean-installing works by completely reformatting your XO with a software image stored on a USB storage device. YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR DATA!

What you will need

  • A USB storage device that is at least 1GB in size. It should be empty.
  • A computer with fast Internet access.

How long it will take

This depends on how fast your internet connection is. You will be downloading two special files that are about 300-400MB in size. On a fast internet connection, this should take less than an hour.

After you download these two files, you will put them on your USB storage device and then perform a reflashing process on your XO that will take about 10 minutes.

Preparing your USB Storage Device

  1. Download these files (do not open them - on a non-XO computer, you will usually want to do a right-click and "Save As."):
  2. You now have two files: gg-767-4.img and Copy these two files onto your USB storage device. They should be the only files there.
  3. Unmount the USB storage device and disconnect it from your computer when it is safe to do so.

Reflashing your XO

  1. Turn off your XO.
  2. Connect your USB storage device to your XO.
  3. Hold down all four gamepad keys (on the right side of the screen, above the power button). While continuing to hold down the four gamepad keys, push the power button to turn the XO on. Do not release the gamepad keys yet.
  4. When you see a message that tells you to "Release the game key to continue", release the gamepad keys.
  5. If you see a grid of colored boxes on your screen, congratulations - your XO is reflashing.

Finishing up

That's it! The reflashing process will run automatically. The XO will color in the grid of boxes, and then you will see the words "Rebooting in 10 seconds..." right before the XO reboots itself. You can remove the USB storage device after the XO reboots itself.

Your XO now has a clean image of release 8.2.0 along with the Activities that came with it. You can now choose a name and colors for your XO and then start playing with the Activities. Congratulations!

If something goes wrong

If you see a "Bad hash at eblock #0" message while reflashing your XO, it means there was a mistake copying the files to your USB storage device. You should try repeating these instructions again, but with a different USB storage device.

Keep my work, but give me the new software

What you will need

How long it will take

It depends on how fast your internet connection is. On a fast internet connection, this should take less than an hour.

Preparing your XO

Make sure your XO is plugged in, turned on, and connected to the Internet (you should be able to load in the Browse Activity).

Upgrading your XO

  1. Launch the Terminal Activity.
  2. In the Terminal Activity, type su - (lowercase letter 's', lowercase letter 'u', a space, and a hyphen). Press Enter.
  3. Now type /usr/sbin/olpc-update 8.2.0. (a forward slash, 'usr', a forward slash, 'bin', a forward slash, 'olpc-update,' a space, and '8.2.0'). Press Enter.
  4. You should see text that looks something like this.
 Downloading contents of build ''{{:Friends in testing/current image}}''
 Updating to version hash ''xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx''
 Making clean /versions/updates/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Trying irsync_pristine update from rsync://''build-{{:Friends in testing/current image}}''
 - Cleaning tree.
 - Fetching contents.
 - Performing incremental rsync.
 Verifying update.
 Installing update in /versions/{pristine,run}/''xxxx''
  1. At the end of the upgrade, you will see the words "Update Successful!" appear on the screen. Reboot your XO.
  2. Congratulations, you're upgraded!