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اللغة الأم لهذا المستخدم هي العربية.

(Personal Info) معلومات شخصية

N. Alrawahi ن.الرواحي

أهلا بكم إلى صفحتي في مشروع حاسب محمول لكل طفل ، إذا أحببت مشاركتي في ترجمة الصفحات ، أرسل لي رسالة خلال هذه الصفحة أو خلال البريد الإلكتروني .


Welcome to my page in One Laptop per child (OLPC) project. Please drop me a line, if you are interested in helping me to translate to Arabic.

-Where am I from originally? I am from the United Arab Emirates.
-Where do I live? I live now in Centereach, New York United States.
-What am I doing in the United States? I am working toward my bachelor degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.
-What do I do everyday? Coding, studying, eating, and sleeping and sometimes slacking!
-What is my profession? To be determined.
-When did I see the light? 06.11.1984
-Why am I contributing to OLPC? I cannot think of a better cause than this.


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