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ru Русский языкродной для этого участника.
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My name:

  • Nikita Sergeevich Bukhvostov (russian)
  • Никита Сергеевич Бухвостов (english)
  • ניקיטה םרגיביץ בוחבוםטוב (hebrew)

Nickname: "dragon_djanič"
Live in: Rostov-on-Don, Russia <-> Holon, Israel


About me..

Now I study in Russia, Azov city (near Rostov-on-Don), profession "Software developer and engineer".
Go to have rest and live too..=) in Israel, Holon city..


I'm use open-source software for all ggg=)
OS: Linux/FreeBSD/Hiku-OS/ReactOS (if need to run win32 programs without emulation)

  • developer
    • c/c++
    • python
    • haskell
  • work in Wikipedia
  • translation work
    • russian lang. (goal)
    • hebrew lang. (later, may be after ru_RU)