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In discussing the many ways that students might want to share, review their work, find new tools or activities, back up their work, visualize, schedule, or otherwise handle daily life, we came up with a number of general concepts suitable for hacking one's life at any age and in any location. A little "hack my life" (HML) primer, along with a primer for getting joy out of the XO, may be appropriate at some point.

Here are some of the quick notes we took:


* self-assessment       * learn anything          * teach what you know
* job placement (vols)  * courses and certific'n  * teacher cert  
* personality matching  * how-tos, unal library   * peer tutoring
* room/job/mate search  * competitions

* life sched/budg assessment           * self-help, assisted coelho-evol   
* (home) improve: clean, decor, space  * custom plan creation
* order, plan, list, sale              * personal tracking, reports

* phy/ment makeovers    * life backups  - all normal data sources 
* advice/assessment     * long-term storage - fixed f for 100 yrs?
* Jake's List, cats     * publishing    - w once, p everywhere
* 'address' makeover - solve domain probs, persistence
The Game                
* world of wiki games   * Shards/worlds for families and social grps
* real trolls, complex  * Diff JS/H5/Flash tools  * visualizing real data
* visual impact of play * 3d clients, 2life       * real-time interaction

Achievements            Courses & Search           Reputation SUL
* badges, medals        * support local teachers,  * promote old sol'ns 
* certificates            convert to CCAE et al    * provide secure way
* trophies, titles      * support remote teachers    to share publicly
Jake's Lists            Networking
* contacts (angie)      * by skill, passion. M turk by capability
* post-based (craig)    * share expert work w existing nets