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Let me know if you are interested in helping with any of the below.

OLE: the Open Library Exchange

  • We've been developing the framework for an open library exchange for the many archives and libraries working with OLPC. We have a librarian coming on board to help organize the exchange, and define the metadata that each archive needs to collect and share to make materials easy to find and contribute.
  • To contribute content at the moment, it is best to use the wiki. Suggestions about a proper interface to OLE are welcome, as we are working on this and our distributed object store this month.

Curated this week

  • We are focusing on materials in English and Spanish for younger audiences
  • Free Music Project update: The Free Culture society has received many uploaded songs and pieces; check it out and add your own. They are talking to orchestras to record pieces for kids.
  • Free Video Project: Free Culture is discussing launching a video project to parallel the free music project


  • We are looking for translators for the website; you can see the first languages being translated from the Main Page and can add your own language there, and to headers of other pages you want to see in new languages.
  • Idiom Technologies has offered us a free translation server for use with any quantity of material for OLPC. Todd Kelsey and Chase Tingley are setting this up for use with our initial guidelines and instructions; Let me know if you would like to help out with this effort.
  • We are working on a web interface to let people review content they want to see in the core XO and school libraries. The ideal solution would be a good set of browser plugins; a shorter-term solution may use frames and js.