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- Retired USAF NCO 20+yrs electronics, computers

- 2yr Electrical Engineering Technology degree

- Renewable energy sources, tech education, science education

I will drop my worst rants here for now, then clean them up to put them in the appropriate areas of the wiki.

- I want to get XO to enable a decent curriculum and personal exploration of any target age right out of the box, not just pave over the guts of the machine by hiding it under a sugar coating. Or hiding alternatives and work-arounds behind the Linux command line. Forcing students and teachers to use only Journal or the Linux command line is putting blinders on them relative to the actual structure of the Linux tools they are using. How this fits in with student as self-enabled learner escapes me... it seems VERY counter intuitive. Why should anyone in the 21st century be forced to learn about Linux file structure thru the shell/terminal COMMAND LINE, with NO Linux command line help. This is what GUI file managers are made for!

- Right out of the box, the FIRST thing in the Activities tray at the bottom should be the Browse, with a better welcome screen, highlighting a GETTING STARTED with the XO page ON THE XO... not hiding even BASIC help down under the documents page. The FIRST thing in the GETTING STARTED document should be a link to a page with a set of simple HOW-DO-I-DO-xxxx on the XO instructions. Second line on the Getting Started main page should be an explanation of the Sugar interface, what EVERY icon means, with first level links to LOCAL expanded explanations, then from there linking out to the OLPC wiki for full and updated details. Does anyone realize G1G1 XO's shipped with NO explanation on board for how to connect to even a simple wifi link, which (for a standalone unit) you need to be able to know so you can even access the web page to GET the info how to do it. In plain english... STUPID

-Browse... why cripple the right-button functions, the read source option, WHY KILL YOUR BOOKMARKS WHEN YOU CLOSE THE PROGRAM!!!!!! (excuse me...'activity')

- Starting out with an e-book reader that doesn't like text.... yes, I've found the upgrade site with the KLUDGE addon targeted to Proj Gutenberg... it's just the ARROGANCE that we all should just have started with PDF files anyway... have any of these folks ever USED an e-book on a PDA???, much less on a regular basis? Any of them actually tried to navigate an e-book, even in the new kludge reader, from pluging a usbdrive into the reader, opening the book, reading it, closing it, navigation to another one, then reading it.... IN THE SUPPOSED E-BOOK MODE with the screen turned and keyboard closed???

more rants later...

along with the constructive edits I intend to add to the wiki... t:D