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Date Action Object Notes
2007-07-01 FIX Portal:Education Something is wrong... tidyhtml? variables? typos? must check Talk:Portal:Education
2007-06-19 ADD Translating#Resources search tutorials, guides, etc. for gettext
2007-06-19 WRITE HIG-style guide to translating
2007-06-17 Fix Help:Editing The HMTL code is messed up...
2007-05-11 review replace resumir in HIG find a valid word: "retomar", "reanudar", "proseguir", "volver" o "retornar"?
2007-04-27 Move Un portátil por niño to Una laptop por chico as commented in Talk:Un portátil por niño#Consistencia en la semántica (Done: 2007-05-02)
2007-04-13 Review Template:/translations it should either be deleted or contain 'template' stuff (Done: 2007-04-13 & 2007-04-14)
2007-01-27 Restructure Sugar Current page is quite lame, and not a very good first impression for somebody trying to 'discover' about such a novel interface for kids!
When in better shape, it should be linked from either Home, Table of Contents and possibly other 'entry points'
2007-01-22 Undo? id 22116 changes in Video of the OLPC revert layout changes to non-glossary-style (pending confirmation)
2007-01-10 Move Ask OLPC a Question/New#Gambia to Ask OLPC a Question about Countries (Done: 2007-01-18)
Merge Fund raising idea into ???
2007-01-11 Zap? page User:Vialogicinc corporate Ad space (Done by Sj 2007-03-18)