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Two comments (that you are free to dismiss totally :)

1) May I suggest that you categorize your user page as [[Category:User da]] [[Category:User fr]] [[Category:User de]] [[Category:User en]]—that could probably help when people look for collaborators in any particular language :) If you are a native speaker you should/could replace the [[Category:User xx]] with {{User xx}} (a template that will automatically include you in the categories of that xx language and show a pretty tag ;)

I would've categorized them, but prefer to leave user pages to their 'owners'... :)

2) In your 'recommendations' : Your 'headers' are in the a 'link' format while your 'text' is in 'header' format... was that the intention? (those page-titles don't sound too wiki to me ;)

BTW, I agree with you that video would be a wonderful tool—not to mention that dubbing videos is much simpler and cheaper than making them from scratch. Subtitles would be even cheaper, but that's not really an option when children are learning how to read... ;)

Cheers, --Xavi 10:18, 22 January 2007 (EST)

Request for Capacity building: European level

Hi I'm --SvenAERTS 13:23, 21 January 2014 (UTC) Here's how I've updated the Europe page. Let's Skype svenaerts ?