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Rowen Remis R. Iral Fundamental IT Engineer

OLPC Philippines -

PhilNITS Society


looks for wenmi on irc

Hiya, drop me a line when you're back on the network. Sj talk

Hi :)

FYI found this on OLPC-Nepal's site IRT international funding
Discussed with OLPC Philippines with Aklan's Congressman Miraflorez [1]
Aklan's previous (12™Congress) Congresswoman/current Vice Gov. Billie Calizo
Kalibo's Vice Mayor Dra. Tambong, Kalibo SB's and Municipal ITC staff [2]
Invited to attend Manila Jam.
Mailing lists
Sent Tim a text file formatted as MediaWiki-page (address-book/note-book/todo-list of Philippine Senators')
Working on a separate list 39 members of House Congressional Committee on Basic Education.

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