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Future topics/features

  • interview the original core OLPC who are still with OLPC (as per IRC chat on support gang)
  • Project of the Day
  • Summaries from each of the country News sites.
  • Updates from BrightStar and Pariot (what's been happening there...)
  • Estimates on current number of 'active' volunteers (i.e. made contact in last week / month?)
    • Encourage registering volunteer hours in database for local volunteer 'hour log'
    • aka. 1-800-volunteer

... other ideas

  • Add picture to every section
  • Add Feature/Section icons to 'brand' pages.
  • Wiki page of the week.
    • Intro to Papert's work
    • Reprint of the canonical "Negroponte + rural kids with laptops" story that inspired OLPC years and years ago
    • Reprint (try to get author permission) of the India computer-in-the-wall story
    • Spotlight on grassroots groups doing independent OLPC research
      • India
      • Peru(?)
      • Nepal
      • USA (CMU games, MIT Media Lab - Mako et al, IMSA, Olin?)
    • Quick summary of pilot classroom field reports
    • Featured gallery of work done by kids with their XOs