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Future topics

  • create photomontage of progression of hardware, Sugar; chronology of working activities/collections
  • interview the original core OLPC who are still with OLPC (as per IRC chat on support gang)

Future beats

  • Countries : at home
  • University projects

Slightly goofy idea

Create an on-wiki "XO G1G1 Rainbow" game. Sort of a photographic scavenger hunt.

Build blank 20x20 matrix (or is it 18x18, not sure, whatever it is). Actually create two matrices, one for Get1 donors, one for Give1 or deployment recipients. Use lots of colors like the XO_colors page, make it pretty.

X-coordinate for color of the "X" on laptop, y-coordinate for color of the "O" on laptop. The collaborative goal of the "game" is to fill the matrix with links to pictures (flikr, wiki, wherever) of users holding an XO laptop matching the color-scheme for that cell (e.g. I've posted a picture holding my laptop with a light blue X and a yellow O, I'm in this cell). What better answer can you give to a G1G1 donor asking "where did my Give1 go" than pointing them to a picture of a kid in Nepal, or wherever holding up a laptop that looks exactly like theirs. Of course. there is no literal mapping to which is which Give1, but I know if I saw a picture of a kid holding what looked like *my* Get1 laptop, I'd be pretty damn sure that it was my Give1 in that child's hands.

Rules: Both the X and O must show in the color picture. Multiple entries per cell allowed, game complete when all cells are filled (at least one picture), community declared the winner. In ideal world, links are to CC licensed images. If you must introduce a truly competitive element, credit by counting entries, higher point value for Give1's, credit goes equally to poster of link to grid and original poster of picture to web (folks snapping Give1 pics have more important things going on, but should get some sort of CC-BY credit).

Follow-up, scrape the images from the links and build an XO G1G1 Rainbow slideshow.

Cjl 17:30, 28 April 2008 (EDT)

On second thought, actually trying to paste links into a grid on the wiki stinks as an idea. Build grid, but just use it as an index to the expanded combinatorial below as a one-dimensional array. For extra-credit, generate nice looking pictures of each combinations to appear as section headers on long list below. Visual matching to find icon matching laptop by scrolling. Simple to insert multiple photo links with bullet points underneath. Cjl 17:45, 28 April 2008 (EDT)
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