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Manual of Style

Tone and Behavior

  • Constructive criticism is OK, but use with caution. (Phrase in context of a review)
  • Avoid criticizing others works or direct personal attacks.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest, but when there is one, please explicitly state so that there isn't any deception.
  • Keep text in a neutral point of view, i.e. non-bias, whenever possible.


Let's say that [[User:Alice]] is writing an article Bar. If she was writing for issue 'Foo' of the zine, she would put her article on Weekly Zine/Foo/Bar.


Each article should start with a lead. This should be short and concise, about 3-5 sentences.

The lead should be enclosed in <onlyinclude> and </onlyinclude> tags, so that it is transcluded to the master zine page (in this case [[Weekly Zine/Foo]]).

If you need to go into detail, be sure to add the following snippet after the </includeonly> tag:

<includeonly>''[[{{subst:PAGENAME}}|Full Article]]''</includeonly>

and continue to write the article.

Full example to start any article page:

* First item summary. 
* Second item summary <includeonly>''[[{{subst:PAGENAME}}|.. See Full Article]]''</includeonly>
Some links to a few more: [[Software]]

Which will in turn looks something like this.. in the main index.

* First item summary. 
* Second item summary .. See Full Article