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Educational Wikis Created and Written by and for Children

It's not easy to know how often a child will have access to an Internet connection, so a wiki may not always be available. But, when available, a wiki provides knowledge, writing, and wiki-creation opportunities (in several languages). Wikipedia has proven the value of wikis and the success of community sharing. To make sure that we continue to spread the technology freely, we need to post not only content, but content about how to create and build wikis, wiki pages, and wiki communities. Several such experiences are documented in Dutch ([1] and in French ([2]). Both projects are independent, but do keep in touch with each other.

These two wikis are quite successful. Volunteers have written over 800 articles in 8 months for the Dutch wiki, and just as many for the French wiki. It is becoming a true international project.

  • Dutch, for kids & teachers, via Kennisnet - 8 - 12 years old, started in march 2006 ; 15000+ articles in 2014 english explanation about
  • Vikidia
    • In french , an encyclopedia for 8-13 years old kids, started in november 2006 ; 16000+ articles in 2014 2010 ;
    • in spanish, started in may 2008, 3500+ articles in 2014.
    • in Italian ;
    • in English, launched in february 2014, 900+ articles in june 2014.
Vikidia in Spanish, Itanian and English really needs new users, contributors, and may be an organisation or people to promote them. Please contact us if you want to do so.
  • Wikimini French, an encyclopedia written by 8-13 years old kids (2008 project)
  • ZUM-Grundschulwiki in german, started on december 2005, 662 articles on 12 december 2010.

The wikikids idea was proposed as a Wikimedia Foundation project here: Wikikids on but the three projects listed previously are independent of the Wikimedia Foundation project. The Dutch and French project currently collaborate and welcome any help with additional projects, such as,, and so on.

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