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Sample text please expand or ?

  • How to create a new document
  • How to name or title a document
    • How to rename a document
    • How to save a copy under a new name, such as "Monday's draft," "Tuesday's draft..."
  • How to delete a document
  • How to find and reopen a document you created earlier
  • How to send that document to another child, a teacher or another person
  • How to put the document on a removable memory (USB or SD) for printing on a bigger computer
  • How to copy a document from a USB or SD
  • How to open an existing document on a USB drive or SD, including available document formats, any restrictions about file names or extensions, etc.

For reference, and for alternate learning models, document each menu/mode and the actions each makes possible. Add a paragraph under each of these headings. Add clear but small screen images (remember some readers will read this ON an XO):

  • Activity...
  • Edit...
  • Text...
  • Image...
  • Table...
  • Format...
  • View...