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x2o (X to O) is a puzzle solving and critical thinking game similar to the Incredible Machine. It uses Box2D for it's physics engine and is being written by Alex Levenson.

A level consists of a stage (or canvas) that starts out with a few fixed (non-user editable) components (see list of components below), a certain quantity of components that the user can add to the stage, an X, and an O. The X does not move, and the O is like a ball, it falls and bounces off the other objects in the scene. The goal is to get the O to land on the X (thus x2o, I know, it's backwards) making the XO logo. Thanks to Patrick Thomson for the name "x2o".

Components List

These are the "things" that can be in a level and effect the physics of the level. Bold indicates already implemented.

  • Ramps are fixed in space (they don't fall or move) obstacles. They can be used as walls, or as ramps for things to slide on, or as a surface to bounce off of.
  • Bouncy Balls are small, light, and bouncy!
  • Bowling Balls are big, heavy, and not bouncy at all...
  • See-Saws consist of a solid immovable base/fulcrum and a board hinged to the top of the base. They make good dynamic ramps (switches?) and catapults
  • Fans blow air (and objects) strait up. Good for keeping things airborne!
  • Gears, Joints, pulleys and the like very soon to come
  • Got an idea for a component? Leave a note here!