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XO-1 Laptop Beta test model BTest-1, also known as B1.

Approximately 875 systems were built by Quanta in November 2006 and distributed. The BTest-1 laptops had most of the functionality of BTest-2 laptops, but were built before the custom integrated circuits were available. An Altera FPGA is used in place of the CaFE ASIC which is present in later builds, for NAND flash, camera, and SD interfaces. This FPGA has lower performance and consumes much more power than the CaFE ASIC does. Much more information about the BTest-1 systems can be found in the BTest-1 Release Notes.


  • labels under battery include "B1 - TEST SAMPLE",

Software Support

BTest-1 and pre-BTest systems are no longer supported by our current software releases.

  • firmware tested up to Q2C27 only, do not upgrade beyond this version of firmware unless specific support for model is mentioned, per olpc-devel email 2007-September/006767
  • firmware Q2E18 fully works on the B1, but is not supported.


  • video problems due to hardware design flaw, new camera activity will not work, older camera activity will.

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