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오윤 괭과리

XO Korea is just a very small citizen group having NO Relation with any governmental, international, or business entities as well as the OLPC Foundation itself. Currently only a small number of citizens are participating in it, and it will be same in the future. XO Korea is(and, will be) not an organization, but just temporary meetings by a few like-minded persons.

In addition, please note that the activities of XO Korea are all Experimental rather than official & concrete projects. The main focus of XO Korea is to participate in OLPC from the aspects of;

  • applying XO and its variations onto various social sections such as governments and businesses, not to mention of schools,
  • recording all of our activities for the reference of afterward trials by Korea and other nations, and

XO Korea is doing various efforts to pour some SUGAR on the nation, Korea, itself (not just schools, but the whole nation), and you can read the in-depth archive of our every contact with various social sections such as contact date/time, target person/organization, summary of conversations in those meetings, feedbacks from those fields, our fails and successes, and other lessons at this wiki.

If we succeed, you may see every Korean having XO in her hand. However, there is almost NO possibility of it in a near future. Our main focus is NOT on success, BUT on recording our numerous tries and failures. Apparently, we will fail at most of our tries. But, XO Korea hopes it to be a compass needle to those who wish to pour SUGAR on any kind of social sections including schools, today or tomorrow.