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As a test bed of the world, Korea will be crystal-like transparent and an Open Source nation

Korea will be not just an open source based nation, but open source itself. Children will see and learn the entire governmental and business services being processed by various social sections of Korea, in real time through the window of XO, not just seeing, but participating, coding, debugging and fixing them.
Like two kinds of software (open source and closed), there will also be two kinds of nations, Korea and the others, one open source and the other closed.
Korea map2.png

Both South and North Korea are in a peculiar status in the world history, both from economic and social aspects. Korea was among the poorest nations just until 40~50 years ago, but the former is at the door of being a developed nation, and the latter is under extremely mysterious status.

South Korea has features of both developed and developing nations. It shows world-best democracy system, full IT infrastructure, completely free journalism, and decentralized powers as well as OECD level economic features. However, there also are some features of underdeveloped nations such as a bureaucratic judicature and public prosecutions, a few children without a meal, some abandoned old persons, and not so fully grown citizenship.

Because, unlike highly developed nations such as the USA and EU, Korea is within the arm's reach of developing nations, and because Korea has sufficient economical assets and well educated citizens for OLPC deployment, we, XO Korea, think Korea a best place to test XO, its activities (applications), its hardware and software variations before wide deployments of developing nations, and we hope our full-range test results be a reference book for the future deployments of developing nations where OLPC will launch soon and those where OLPC will not launch in a near future (e.g. North Korea). We believe that the reference book which Korea will provide can't be provided by another nation or obtained from another way.

XO Korea will apply the philosophy and technologies of OLPC to every social sector of South Korea, not only educational ones but governmental and business sections also. The table below includes those social sections where XO or its variations will be deployed with other software and architectures (frameworks) also such as YAWL,and those from Linux communities.

Another goal of our XO deployment is to set Korea as an Open Source Nation with fully disclosed national architectures. For this purpose, XO Korea has classified ;

  • the entire governmental sections of Korea into about 150,000+ hierarchical sections, and the entire governmental services into about 80,000 Level 1~6 public functions, based on the Governmental Innovation Plan of Korea.
  • the entire business sections of Korea into about 300,000+ hierarchical sections, and the the entire market services into about 150,000 Level 1~6 business functions, based on UNSPSC.
  • the entire educational sections of Korea into about 70,000+ hierarchical sections, and the the entire educational services into about 150,000 Level 1~6 educational functions.
  • the entire research sections of Korea into about 100,000+ hierarchical sections, and the the entire research services into about 150,000 Level 1~6 educational functions, based on [Standard Research Classification of Australia] .

Our goal is clear. Open the nation, Show examples to the world children, and Obtain feedbacks from the World. Worldwide children will see a Live and Real Time samples of how a nation, a government, a school, and a business operates, even a sample of a fully automated IT based nation, maybe world first. They can see, learn, and debug it. On the other hand, Korea will obtain help and participation from worldwide open source communities. To establish a fully automated, IT based, and transparent nation is not an easy task, and can't be achieved by devotions of Koreans only.

As an architecture and repository for reusing software modules among those more than 300,000 social sections and more than 600,000 functions, we set Open Enterprise Architecture based on Federal Enterprise Architecture. So, it will the core of all our activities.

All our efforts for XO deployments in Korea will be recorded in detail on this wiki. Please keep interests on us.