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Below is content for XO, not activities (applications) or hardware technologies. Children will learn how a government sector (such as a city hall or governmental health care center) operates, how a business (such as a bank or an accounting firm) operates, and how a nation itself operates, not just from introduction or overview level, but from source code level of an each organization or a social architecture which composing their communities or nation.

By participating in writing source codes of Korean societies, they can debug a current governmental organisation, a corporation, a social infrastructure, a democracy, and a social welfare system, and will establish their own governmental organizaiton, corporation, social infrastructure, democracy, and social welfare system.

Imagine what an wonderful world it will be if a child of Africa sees and participates in coding and debugging a source code of a service provided by a small division of the Korean government, and if she and her friends set a plan to use the same source code for her own country.

Many Koreans in his/her 40es or older have experienced starvation when a child, and, now, they consist core in various Korean societies. Children in developing nations will be the core of their nations in 20~30 years with the wide experiences of participating in various social sections of Korea.

So, we reasonably believe that they will be more talented and learned than current Korean citizens, and that they will establish their own Korea with their own hand.

The content below is for this purpose, showing them all kinds of social functions and inviting them to participate in.