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CAUTION: All content in this page is just a trial and informal research activity of XO Korea!!!! Please don't confuse it with a real movement or program related to the OLPC Foundation.

This is ongoing writing...please don't hesitate to add your opinions on the discussion page.

XO Korea is different from any kind of organization. It's a system rather than an organization. Its legal status as an NGO is just to conform with the related Korean law (and, other laws in the future), which requires a structured type of organization for any NGO to pursue its projects, to receive donations, and to make a contract with any party.

See OLPC Korea Foundation.

Unlike to ordinary open source communities, XO Korea handles money-related issues directly or indirectly. So, there need some kinds of ethical codes and mechanism to prevent undesirable activities of participants, intentional or not. All participants should be aware of the goals and processes of XO Korea before starting any XO related activity.


All codes which participants should keep in mind are described here.

  1. XO Korea is an open source and non-profit organization operating under the related Korean law.
  2. XO Korea itself and its participants should not require compensations (monetary or not) from any organization, person, and/or entities.
  3. To use a designation of XO Korea Participant, he/she should have passed the Code of Ethics test provided by XO Korea via the web.


See full content of Constitution of XO Korea (its just a experimental trial, not a real one).


Articles Subject
I-1 Establishment of the Community
I-2 Code of Ethics
I-3 The objectives of the Community
I-4 Fundamental freedoms and non-discrimination
I-5 Relations between the Community and Member Societies
I-6 Community law
I-7 Legal personality
I-8 The symbols of the Community
I-9 Fundamental rights
I-10 Membership of the Community
I-58 [[XO Korea/code of ethics/Conditions of eligibility and procedure for
accession to the Community|Conditions of eligibility and procedure for  
accession to the Community]]
I-59 Suspension of Community membership rights
Part II [[XO Korea/code of ethics/The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the
Community|The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the  
XO Korea/code of ethics/ Accession to the XO Korea