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There are serveral groups to support olpc Korea projects, each of them being composed of 5~10 corporations except two consortium; Business Support and Governmental Support.

Business Support shall be composed of more than 150,000 business entities to be established soon after the deployment of XO laptops and XO smartphones and setting XO servers. One of the main purposes of those business entities is for soft landing of socio-economic changes resulted by the deployment of XO laptops, servers and smartphones etc.

Governmental Support shall be composed of more than 1,000 public/business entities to be established soon after the composition of Business Support. One of the main purposes is to establish Government on XO, a fully functioning e-Government.

At the date of August. 2007, the coordinator of those consortium establishments is Life & Peace, an NGO in Korea.

Public Consortium


Its purpose is to monitor corporations participating in olpc Korea projects to ensure public goodness be achieved. The main body of it is the Life & Peace Foundation, Republic of Korea.

This body shall own 51% of the shares of the Joint Venture encompassing all consortium.


  • 참여연대
  • 경실련

Laptop Consortium


This consortium is being organized to produce XO laptops for the youth, Wifi Phone and XO Smartphone.

The main assembly line shall be located in the Jejudo Island, Korea. The first factory site was already determined but not pronounced yet. There will be more than two assembly lines.


Most candidates are located in China and the list below includes only those in Korea.

Smartphone Consortium


OLPC Korea shall make a few voip phone prototypes; one of smartphones is based on neo 1973 and Belkin, and one of wifi phones is based on VM1188T phone. This product will be distributed after 1~2 months later deploying XO laptops in Korea.


Partnership information shall be disclosed after signing agreements between participant companies and our joint venture.

Network Management Consortium


It's to manage network architecture, data/voice/screen communications, and the web composed of XO laptops, mesh wifi phones, smartphones, and other XO related machines.

olpc Korea expects those XO or XO based machines shall establish additional national wide communication networks independent from current wire/wireless telecommunication system in Korea.

This consortium shall manage XO based mesh networks established by Server Consortium.


  • Chungnam

Server Architecture Consortium


Its purpose is to provide network management services including server settings; School Server, Governmental Server, XO Korea/business server/Business Server, and Public Server etc.

olpc Korea estimates there shall be more than 2,000,000 servers till 2010 and most of them be linux machines.


Software Management Consortium


This consortium is to develop softwares, web portals, and other software related activities to be loaded on XO and other XO related machines such as XO smartphones.


Content Management Consortium


Its purpose is to manage content for XO laptops developed by open source communities in Korea and other nations.

The first focus is on writing school curricula currently adopted by the Ministry of Education for kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, and colleges etc.

The second focus is on writing content for CPE, continued professional education, such as lawyers, accountants, doctors and other professions needing higher education.

The third and the most important focus is on writing


Community Support Consortium


It's to support community activities networked by XO and XO-based machines. OLPC Korea has been organizing about 3,600 residential communities, called Eub, Myon, and Dong in Korea.

More than tens of thousands of local, intellectual, academy, hobby, cultural, and other kinds of communities will be established on the XO world. One of our important missions is to monitor, promote, or prohibit each of those community establishments case by case.


Business Support Consortium


It's to support open source business entities working on XO. A half of the shares of those business entities (corporations) shall be owned by olpc Korea or an equivalent organization, and the other half shall be owned by a participating company.

The peculiar features of those open source companies includes;

  • all information and technologies will be disclosed transparently
  • half of the profits earned will be used for public goodness
  • controlled and supported by open source societies worldwide

olpc Korea expects there will be more than 150,000 independent open source corporations in Korea till 2010.

Leading examples

Main bodies

Fundamental Technology Consortium


It's to provide fundamental technologies from both hardware and software industries, necessary to produce XO and other XO related machines and softwares etc.