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OLPC Korea가 지향하는 주요한 활동은 다음을 포함합니다;

  • XO 노트북 관련 자료, 소프트웨어, 컨텐트 등의 영한 또는 한영 번역: 현지화
  • XO 노트북의 하드웨어 및 소프트웨어 개발과정 참여: 개발자 프로그램
  • 한국 정부의 각급 학교 XO 노트북 보급 지원: XO 노트북 보급
  • XO 노트북의 청소년용 확장버전 및 Mesh Networking 공유 VoIP 휴대통신기기 개발과 제작: 청소년용 XO 노트북, XO 폰
  • 각급 학교 등에 소재한 서버 (server)의 구성과 관리 지원: 공동체 서버
  • XO 노트북, XO 파생품, 그리고 각종 서버로 구성된 지역 네트워크의 구성과 관리 지원: XO 네트워크
  • 오픈소스 공동체의 XO 노트북용 컨텐트 및 소프트웨어 개발 지원: 오픈소스 공동체
  • XO를 사용하는 시민들의 풀뿌리 지역모임 구성과 지원: 풀뿌리 공동체


제한된 인력으로 인해, OLPC Korea의 활동과 관련된 대부분의 문서는 영문으로 작성하였으며, 현재 한글로 번역하는 과정에 있습니다.

L10n: localization & I18n: Internationalization

One of major roles being done by OLPC Korea is to translate open source softwares developed by citizens with various nationalities.

We have localized OLPC official site, OLPC wiki, and activities (softwares) for XO laptops. Our localization works will be continued.

Most of localization works have been done by a few citizens living in the Jejudo Island, Korea.

Hardware Development

OLPC Korea is participating in XO laptop developer site, and received Beta2 and Beta4 machines each to do bug tracking & hardware hacking.

In addition, like XO-2 machine (next generation XO laptop), OLPC Korea is now developing [[XO_Korea/Hardware| XO variants]. On of them is a Larger OLPC with larger keyboard and display panel, and XO Wifi/Wimax Phone which will use the same communication standard and Wi-Fi chip as XO laptops.

It is expected that the XO Wifi/Wimax Phone which will be introduced by early 2008 will eliminate most of current mobile communication expenses.

Software Development

In addition to localization and internationalization efforts, OLPC Korea support the software development of Korean open source communities, and is proceeding a few development projects. One of the most important one is to develop XO City game which is a variant of SimCity. This game is an open source program to be written in Python for XO laptops with real environmental variants such as Google Map and Google Weather.

For the administrative or governmental features in the game, OLPC Korea is constructing a repository of Python modules each of which automates the real governmental function or service based on [Federal Enterprise Architecture] and 65,000 Korean Governmental Functions.

Lastly, for the game component of business environment in the XO City simulation, we will port United Nations Standard Product & Service Classification into the game to increase the reality of the game. This game will be shown on the XO-2 laptops or equivalent versions.

See Activities and Korean Activities for more information.

The configuration and management of servers

XO laptops are designed to be operated or used in communities arround servers rather than in stand-alone mode. Therefore, configuring servers in various layers are essential rather than options. OLPC Korea will support the configuration and management of those server layers.

We estimate one school server for one class. For more information, see School server.

Configuring and managing local networks

OLPC Korea is establishing XO communities based on about 3,700 Residents' Self-governing Centers of Korea each of which has about 10,000 residents. Community Server in each of 3,700 Residents' Self-governing Centers will provide the same services as current governmental offices for those regions, and support the collaboration among residents. Collaboration is one of the most important mottos of OLPC, and is applied to both children and adults equally.

Those Community Servers are expected to provide 24 hrs web connection to residents via the excellent wireless features of XO laptops and Wireless_repeaters, resulting very inexpensive internet connection expenses, saying 1/10.

Supporting open source communities

One of major roles of OLPC Korea is to support various linux user groups and open source communites to stimulate them to develop applications and content for XO laptops.

For this purpose, we operate Request_board to match consumers and providers, and are seeking for various way to activate these collaborations among open source volunteers.