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  • What sort of planning is needed before such projects can start?

Basic definition of goals was described in detail at Sugarcamp 08, \\\"The Medium is the Message\\\" presentation

How long b/t conception and implementation?

that would be about 4 months

* What are standard project sizes?  

4 teams of 20 teachers+developers

would all affected students and teachers be involved from the start?

very much so

* What is the expected growth/change of the project?

Results from these trials could have worldwide impact, enabling total scalability in terms of helping teachers get the necessary training in integrating XOs in their normal classroom practice.

Would it be a similar # of new people involved each year?

Unlikely - this is a first phase, to be continued as the OLE Bolivia project expands

* Can the project in question started with available hardware right


No - definitely access to XOs is vital for this, since the project involves teams of newbie teachers paired with more experienced geeks who observe and develop courseware, in a loop involving exploration, observation, feedback, and again.

How dependent is early work on XOs? later work?

Complete dependence - Sugar on CD or any other option would just not set the same kind of fundamental parameters.

* Are they interested in testing?

Definitely - this appears to be wholly a brand new concept

How would they use XOs and how much would this change over time?  

That\\\'s what we want to see precisely, report back and elaborate protocols for best use as we go along

Of particular interest is covering group use cases that we don\\\'t see otherwise...

This is one, definitely

* Are they planning their own material and software development?

Based on current Sugar GUI, additional work will involve media and delivery activity creation

Are they testing out new power or peripheral solutions?  


How would this happen / who is coordinating it, if this is not happening directly by teachers?

Yama Ploskonka heads this initiative, which is closely linked to work by teachers, empowering them to craft their own solutions

* Who are their contact people for creating/trying/reporting about

materials and projects?

Yama Ploskonka

Is there a local team?

Getting formed around volunteers in Bolivia from several communities, mostly through OLE Bolivia

Is an independent group at a university, NGO, or other research group already in close touch and planning to work with them over the course of time?

Certainly, OLE Bolivia

For months or years?

As long as it takes.... Most basic results should be visible within weeks, this particular project will take about 6 months total, with further research and feedback an actual part of ensuing deployments.

Materials will be developed locally, but shared with other communities / deployments in an open fashion