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OlpcProject.png Brian Jordan, Will Jordan, Robert C



XOlympics is an INTERNATIONALLY EPIC game for Sugar.


XOlympics will be a collection of arcade-style sports mini-games that can be played by two players simultaneously in a head-to-head mode. The games will be as simple as possible, consisting of two movable player characters, and an implement (ball). The purpose of most of the games will be to manipulate the ball using your character into a predefined "goal" on the edge of the screen. Greatness ensues.

Prototype 1


  • 1: Create the basic physics world, with the minimum number of basic entities.
   1. Bounding box (set to encompass the full screen.) DONE!
   2. Ground (simple static rectangle filling up the bottom third of the screen. DONE!
   3. Players (Polygon objects sit on top of the ground DONE! [triangle]
   4. Ball (circle object falling from the top center of the screen
  • 2: Activate physics world, to set things into motion. DONE!
  • 3: Add control for players using keyboard input.
   1. Map d-pad left-right to simple Box2d x-axis applyForce command. DONE!
   2. Map d-pad up to simple Box2d Y-axis applyImpulse command. (Might also want to add a check to only execute this if the player's y position is less than a certain value.) DONE!

Refactor physics objects to use Eric's sprite-management system

We need to refactor the physics objects used in the scene so that we only draw moving objects every frame, because the XO laptop can't handle redrawing a large portion of the screen (things slow down too much).

Mockups: Sports.png XOlympicMockup.png

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