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XSCE 5.1 was released July 27, 2014. Please find its announcement and release notes here!

The list of new capabilities is impressive: Samba filesharing, XOVis visualization of student work patterns, vnStat traffic-monitoring console, better Internet-in-a-Box searchability, customizable web-filtering requested by many schools, OpenVPN remote access, and a new module for automated field-testing.

For archival purposes only:

It is likely that XSCE Version 5.1 will precede XSCE 6.0, to strengthen XS 0.7 and XSCE 0.4 legacy compatibility, in support of the great diversity of OLPC communities around our planet.

Please see Feb 18's meeting transcript for summary direction. Which many of us will work on refining during our Los Angeles meetup surrounding SoCalLinuxExpo.org Feb 21-23, 2014.

On a grander scale, see proposed features across recent/upcoming XSCE versions.

Suggestions are requested around our /Road_Map timing!