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XSCE 6.0's primary documents are below, alongside weekly minutes for the very latest:

  • Supported Hardware:
    • x86 (NUC, XO-1.5)
    • ARM (Raspberry Pi 2?)
    • Experimental: XO-4 Touch and any other servers required by Haiti/Fiji/Rwanda/etc.
    • Be Warned that certain hardware support will be delayed into 2016.
  • Supported OS's:
    • Fedora 18 32-bit
    • Fedora 22 64-bit
    • Fedora 23 32-bit (anticipated) and 64-bit
    • CentOS "7.1" (1503) for long-term "enterprise" support on NUC especially.
    • CentOS "7.2" (1511) anticipated, given its close similarity (running "yum update" on any CentOS should lead to "7.2" = 1511)

XSCE 6.0 Fresh Install Doc:


XSCE 6.0 Release Notes:


Tom Gilliard's 6.0 Testing Notes & Screenshots:


XSCE 6.0 Spec/Progress Chart:


XSCE 6.0 Testing Matrix:

  Click TABS AT BOTTOM for each platform: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pevXOSIoV9LQF_8QV-5_ds0WPqC1Lko3UYYJh8UnUkM (was http://tinyurl.com/xsce-six-test)

Legacy XSCE 5.1 "complete recipe" installation instructions:


See also our overall Frequently Asked Questions, our 2014 roots surrounding XSCE 5.1, our very successful Internet-in-a-Box Summit Oct 10-13, 2015 in Toronto, as well as early roadmapping for the upcoming XSCE 6.1 !

Historically: XSCE 6.0 arose from proposed features and Los Angeles details going way back to our meetup there Feb 21-23, 2014.