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Toronto Summit/Sprint Oct 10-12th, 2015, hopefully co-hosted with OLPC Canada:

The core focus will be Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB), specifically evolving the highest quality offline education resources, into much wider global adoption, building off XSCE 6.0.

Don't forget your passport, but US volunteers can sometimes save a lot of money flying into Buffalo, if you align days/times with others flying in similar times -- if someone from Toronto is available to drive several hours to pick you up and drop you off!

  • Friday Oct 9th - Dinner for Early Arrivals!
    • 6PM? Location TBA!
  • Saturday Oct 10th - Reflect on XSCE+IIAB+OSM Successes - Evolving Support Cycle/Needs
    • 9AM E-Teams (Education & Engineering) meet & greet
    • 10AM CALL: Deployment-Driven Curation (Brainstorm: which grassroots/pro educators do this best? How do we honor them best, with what MVP tools?)
    • 11AM Open / Q&A / New Hardware Demos
    • Noon LUNCH
    • 1-5PM E-Teams Split for Coming Year's Agenda-Setting, optional 3PM trip to High Park What content are we truly missing? Medical? Environmental? Languages? What McGyver or Bill Nye science programs might be freely distributed in which countries, to spark legit in-country maker movements?
    • 6PM Turkey Dinner with OLPC Canada's greatest people we hope!
  • Sunday Oct 11th - Road Map XSCE 7.0 beyond imminent XSCE 6.0, with increasing OpenStreetMap involvement! (How can we integrate BERNIE? What's the true potential of "online goes offline" customizable grassroots content?)
    • 9AM E-Teams (Education & Engineering) Come Back Together to review Coming Year's Goals
    • 10AM CALL: Offline OpenStreetMap Design with Braddock Gaskill (Internet-in-a-Box.org) & Emmanuel Engelhart (Kiwix.org)
    • 11AM Kiwix/RACHEL/KA Lite: where should we be in 2020?
    • Noon LUNCH
    • 1PM-5PM How could an "IIAB 2.0" transcend existing offline challenges BEFORE 2020? (enterprise support for NUC/RPi2/XO-1.5/etc yields "fieldback" loops of which flavors, for which countries?)
    • 6PM Dinner on a nearby farm or BBQ at a uniquely Toronto location!
  • Monday Oct 12th - Thanksgiving "Noon" Dinner!? (What have we learned from XSCE 6.0's yearlong+ release cycle?)
  • Tuesday Oct 13th - Canoe Home :)

Further Details emerging week-by-week @ http://tinyurl.com/xsceminutes



RSVP required, Thanks!

Contact: holt @ laptop.org


Live Chat:
...requesting channel: #schoolserver

Accommodations are very affordable at AirBnB and free using the Couchsurfing.com social network.