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Toronto Summit/Sprint Oct 10-12th, 2015, hopefully co-hosted with OLPC Canada:

The core focus will be Internet-in-a-Box, specifically evolving the highest quality offline education resources into much wider global adoption, building off XSCE 6.0.

Don't forget your passport, but US volunteers can sometimes save a lot of money flying into Buffalo, if you align days/times with others flying in similar times -- if someone from Toronto is available to drive several hours to pick you up and drop you off!

  • Saturday Oct 10th - Reflect on XSCE+IIAB+OSM Successes - Evolving Support Cycle/Needs
    • 9AM-11AM E-Teams (Education & Engineering) get to know each other + Deployments Showcase
    • 11AM-1PM Extended Lunch + New Hardware Demos
    • 1-5PM E-Teams Split for Coming Year's Agenda-Setting, optional 3PM trip to High Park
    • 6PM Dinner with OLPC Canada's greatest people we hope!
  • Sunday Oct 11th - Road Map XSCE 7.0 & increasing OpenStreetMap involvement! (How can we integrate BERNIE? What's the true potential of "offline" grassroots content?)
    • 9AM-10AM E-Teams (Education & Engineering) Come Back Together to review Coming Year's Goals
    • 10AM-Noon Offline OpenStreetMap Call with Braddock Gaskill (Internet-in-a-Box.org) & Emmanuel Englehart (Kiwix.org)
    • Noon-1PM Lunch
    • 1PM-5PM How could an "IIAB 2.0" transcend existing offline challenges by 2020? (enterprise support for NUC/RPi2/XO-1.5/etc yields fieldback loops of which flavors, for which countries?)
    • 6PM Dinner on a nearby farm or BBQ at a uniquely Toronto location!
  • Monday Oct 12th - Thanksgiving "Noon" Dinner!? (What have we learned from XSCE 6.0's yearlong+ release cycle?)
    • Thankful for today's intentionally Open Schedule!
    • What onboarding documentation matters most, speaking of Thankfulness?!
  • Tuesday Oct 13th - Canoe Home :)

Further Details emerging week-by-week @ http://tinyurl.com/xsceminutes



All welcome but RSVP required, Thanks!

Contact: holt @ laptop.org


Live Chat:
...requesting channel: #schoolserver

Accommodations are very affordable at AirBnB and free using the Couchsurfing.com social network.