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XSCE 6.2 will most likely arrive in mid-February 2017.

We began working around a regular 6-month release cycle starting with XSCE 6.0 (released March 27, 2016) leading up to XSCE 6.1 (released September 22, 2016).

Likely focuses for XSCE 6.2 (code if here) will be:

Join our weekly "Thursday" calls to help push this forward!


The latest *stable* release (currently 6.1, as of January 2017) should always be available at: https://github.com/XSCE/xsce/releases/latest

Please monitor the latest code emerging at our new repo starting January 2017: http://github.com/iiab/iiab

Return to this XSCE/IIAB 6.3 summary site anytime later, with short link: http://schoolserver.org/6.2