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  • Don't ask to ask, just ask
  • Be respectful
  • Prepend irc nicks when directing questions to specific users
  • If nobody is around, post your query to xsce-devel or server-devel

About bots on the IRC channel

The #schoolserver IRC channel hosts two special non-human guests: a build bot and a meeting bot.

xsceBOT is just an announcer for the XSCE repo Buildbot, running from the same box, its only capabilities being those described at IRC-Bot help, related to notifying build results. The human responsible for this bot is Santiago Collazo (listed below in the Community section)

xsce_meeting_bot is a MeetBot instance, running on the XSCE build server, and has logging capacities which are strictly enabled only when a user in the channel uses the #startmeeting some_meeting_name command, and until an #endmeeting is called. This command outputs some status lines making clear that a meeting is being held, and also changes the channel topic to reflect the fact that logging is in progress, adding the name of the meeting and the currently discussed topic. When the meeting ends, logging stops, the collected minutes are posted at the XSCE project public tracker for future reference, and the standard channel topic is restored. You can learn about the meeting commands the bot understands at Meetbot manual, with the only relevant change being that a meeting topic is not optional but mandatory. This bot responds also to another useful command, not logging related, in the form of rm ####, with #### being an issue number from the XSCE tracker. The output of this command shows the description and status of the issue, the person it's assigned to, and a direct link to it. The human responsible for this bot is David Rodriguez, listed below.