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Thank You New Volunteers & All!!

Ask if you need assistance with any of these bite-sized tasks around touch-points to get involved -- or suggest other tasks, no matter how to small, to keep our community effort strong.

Quickie tasks near the top -- more challenging tasks near the bottom: (Please post all significant tasks to the "Features Planned" table!)

  • Artwork, logo or photography of servers in action!
  • Join our weekly calls, helping transcribe weekly minutes fresh for all.
  • Organize "Download and Install XSCE 5.x" links on top-right of main page (http://schoolserver.org).
  • Clean the FAQ to optimize for newcomers' understanding & agility!
  • Testing on diverse hardware, especially x86 server hardware, Cubox and XO-4, but really anywhere. Compare 0.4 results.
  • Create more inviting graphical web outreach at http://schoolserver.org and similar places, so educators far better understand their opportunities.
  • XSCE value-add projects:
  • Work with Tim Moody to manage pull requests, including the migration from Fedora 18 to Fedora 20!
  • <your item here>

As an all-volunteer project, we ask everyone to assist mentoring new volunteers (especially!) helping all pick off accomplishments understandably, quickly and satisfyingly.