XS Managing Antitheft features

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With the antitheft infrastructure setup (following the Antitheft HowTo), you have two options on how to manage the antitheft system: you can use Moodle to manage the feature locally, or you can control things with automated tools.

With Moodle

Before we start

  • You will use an XO to authenticate as the administrator. It is also possible to set up an account for a conventional computer to access Moodle as the administrator.
  • Ensure XO is registered with the XS and can connect as the administrator.
  • Ensure Browse.xo is at least version 101.


  1. Login to Moodle as the administrator. You will see a 'Site Administration' block on the left hand side
  2. In 'Site Administration', go to Users->Antitheft

There, you have access to several facilities:

  • You see the activation leases that the XS has served to XOs in your school.
  • You can mark XOs as stolen
  • You can download a "master activation" lease.sig file -- this activation is short-lived (usually valid for one day -- configurable). This is often useful to "recover" laptops that will not activate over wifi.

Automated tools

For installations where a central server is controlling antitheft features, the antitheft features can be monitored and controlled in the following ways:

  • You can export a listing of blacklisted (stolen) laptops in /library/xs-activation/stolen.list
  • You can retrieve a listing of recent activity -- showing which laptops have requested leases, date of issue of the lease, etc, with a script reading from the mdl_oat_laptops database table.