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State of Activities in os22

Activity Version Starts Has new toolbar Uses journal Can collaborate Maintainer Notes
Abacus 19 Yes Yes Yes No Walter
Browse 122.1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Sascha
Calculate 36 Yes Yes Gary
Chat 70 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clock 6 Yes Yes Yes No Gary
Distance 22 Yes Yes Bemasc ?
EToys 113 Yes own toolbar Yes Yes Bert ?
Finance 3 Yes No Wade Brainerd
FotoToon 7 Yes Yes Yes No Gonzalo
Get Books 7 Yes Yes Gonzalo
Hello World 2 Yes Yes No No Simon
Help 12 Yes Patch sent to maintainer Bastien Is likely outdated for the latest Sugar version and only available in english. ---> can be a content bundle, check FOSS manuals
Implode 10 Yes Yes
InfoSlicer 9 Yes Yes Walter
Image Viewer 17 Yes Yes Yes
Jukebox 20 Yes No Crash trying to play ogg file. Get X Windows error.
Labyrinth 11 Yes Yes Yes Gary
Log 24 Yes Yes Wade Brainerd
Maze 9 Yes Yes Rafael
Memorize 36 Yes No Yes Yes Simon
Measure 32 Yes Yes Yes Walter
Moon 11 Yes Yes Yes No Gary
Paint 33 Yes Yes Yes Gonzalo
Physics 8 Yes Yes Yes No Gary
Pippy 40 Yes Yes Yes
Read 89 Yes Yes Yes (Yes) Gonzalo Collaboration is being reworked currently
Record 91 Yes Yes Yes Yes Daniel Drake
Ruler 8 Yes Yes No No Walter
Scratch 19 Yes own toolbar Yes
Speak 25 Yes Yes Rafael The code of the new toolbar is included in the activity
StopWatch 9 Yes Yes Yes
TamTamEdit 55 Yes No Yes
TamTamJam 56 Yes No Yes
TamTamMini 57 Yes No Yes
TamTamSynthLab 55 Yes No Yes
Terminal 31 Yes Yes Rafael
Turtle Art 107 Yes Yes Walter
Typing Turtle 27 Yes Yes Yes Wade Brainerd Simon want add German lessons
Wikipedia 26 Yes Yes Yes Martin & Gonzalo
WikipediaEN 26 Yes Yes Yes Martin & Gonzalo
Words 4 Yes Yes
Write 74 Yes Yes Yes Yes Gonzalo

Probably out:

Activity Version Starts Has new toolbar Uses journal Can collaborate Maintainer Notes
Colors 15 No No Wade Brainerd There are a solution for the binaries, but the color palette is not working

the maintainer does not have time right now, and I don't know how much time will take found a solution.

WatchMe Yes No No Yes Need gtk-vnc-python, and is not present in our image.
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