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OLPC Pune Meet was scheduled on 15th March,2009, Sunday at 10.00 am in Open Air Theatre,Sinhagad College.
STES Campus & Registered office
44/1, Vadgaon(Budruk),
Off Sinhgad Road,
Pune 400 041

Agenda :-

  • Potential Deployment Site : Z.P Prathamik Shala, Malavli
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • OLPC Pune Panel
  • Documentary


1) Amit Gogna (Digital Bridge Foundation) amitg AT laptop DOT org
2) Pradnya Naik
3) Prashant Mahajan
4) Sameer Joshi sameer.joshi7887 AT gmail DOT com
5) Ketan Sonavne
6) Niraj Valsangkar
7) Tejas Shah
8) Neeket Pokharrna
9) Parag Shah

We discussed the potential deployment site at Malavli. The site appears to be appropriate for deployment. Some related points:

  • They may not have a room to protect the XO's from water during rains
  • The school has 74 students, and we may initially have to get them running with only 30 XO's.
  • The students can understand English, so localization is a not a priority even though it still needs to be done

We discussed the possibility of collaborating with volunteers from MAD, to understand how they approach teaching and to seek help for creating activities for teaching English with the XO.

We discussed corporate social responsibility and approaching companies that have a CSR policy for funding.

We discussed the structure of the Pune OLPC panel and how we can create processes to ensure responsibility and participation. We need to create some structure through which we can provide support (technical and content related) to users of XO.

Niraj proposed getting OLPC involved in a documentary he is making to show the difference in the education environment available to children from different strata in our society

Several tasks were outlined, and have been added to the tasks page.

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