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AccessX is program the provides various keyboard enhancements, such as StickKeys, MouseKeys, and BounceKeys.



You will need an internet for the installation of AccessX and its supporting program, Tcl/Tk.

  1. TODO: download accessx to /home/olpc (currently available at for those who are logged in)
  2. Open the Terminal activity
  3. Type the following:
 yum install tk
 tar -jxf accessx.tar.bz2
 mv accessx ax /usr/bin

This puts the programs accessx and ax in the /usr/bin directory.

Using AccessX

The AccessX package provides two programs, accessx and ax.

Using accessx

The accessx program provides a graphical interface to setting the preferences. It also enables these keyboard enhancements once the program exits. To start accessx, open the Terminal activity and type:


This will open a window that will allow you to set various key preferences. These preferences are stored in the /home/olpc/AccessX. When the program is closed, these settings will take effect.

Using ax

The ax program provides the same preferences as accessx, but through a command line interface. To run ax, open the Terminal. From here, to see how to set the various parameters, one can type:

 ax help

Loading at startup

The main advantage to running ax over accessx is that it will load a user's preferences without bringing up a window. In the Terminal activity, by typing just


the user's saved preferences will take effect. This can be useful to load the settings when the laptop starts up. To do this, start the Terminal activity and run:

 nano .xsession

This will open the .xsession file, which lists programs to run when Sugar starts up. Once the file is open, add to the end of the file (the file will probably be empty):


You can now save the file with Ctrl+O and close it with Ctrl+X. After restarting the XO, the settings should take effect at startup.

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