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The following persistent parameters can be set on a standalone module (active antenna): [Note: if you cannot find the /sys pseudo files listed bellow you probably need to update your module, check this page]

  • bootflag - each module can store two copies of the firmware, this flag sets which one should be used to boot the module
  • boottime - the time (in seconds) the module will wait for the host to upload a firmware. After this time, the module will load the firmware stored in its flash
  • channel - in what channel should the module operate (0 means do not operate in standalone mode)
  • capability -
  • mesh_id - the mesh ssid
  • metric_id, protocol_id - the metric and protocol in use on the mesh (currently there is only option 0)

In order to set any of these parameters, you should simply write to the appropriate file in the tree bellow.

              |-- boot_options
              |   |-- bootflag
              |   |-- boottime
              |   `-- channel
              |-- mesh_ie
              |   |-- capability
              |   |-- mesh_id
              |   |-- metric_id
              |   `-- protocol_id

Example - Set the channel to 6 in a standalone module in msh1:

echo 6 > /sys/class/net/msh1/boot_options/channel
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