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  1. After resuming, Undo deletes everything and can't be Redone.
  2. Floodfill is very slow
  3. Icon doesn't render properly in home screen circle
  4. undo undone when next object rendered; undo undoes too many operations
  5. undo after resume deletes everything
  6. redo didn't restore it
  7. text renders in black, not current color
  8. text box didn't disappear
  9. marquee interacts with undo in funny ways
  10. line sizes not intuitive
  11. share button does not work
  12. no option to position pictures during insert
  13. change name and icon?


  1. Current font not displayed when first started.
  2. Alignment menu is too small to read.
  3. magnify caused Write to crash (intermitant bug)
  4. current select words between () without including ), but not (
  5. no preview in journal
  6. sometimes focus jumps when using tabs


  1. Colors hard to read (esp. in BW mode)
  2. copy to clipboard made an object that wasn't usable elsewhere
  3. cannot remove clipboard entry


  1. doesn't work on some B4s


  1. Missing stop icon
  2. wish list" view source into Write
  3. need copy icon
  4. cannot follow links
  5. flash doesn't work as well as it use to
  6. No copy/paste icons
  7. Doesn't auto-open downloads--just puts them on the clipboard


  1. No copy or paste buttons; cannot select text for copying
  2. cannot select text for copy
  3. sometimes no Journal preview
  4. resume didn't restore chat history
  5. putting onto clipboard from journal not useful


  1. some menus too small
  2. no default save location
  3. resume doesn't open project
  4. only activity that asks to confirm on quit
  5. not all strings translated


  1. Spanish keyboard: _ and - are swapped
  2. whole system freezes occasionally


  1. icon for Chat somehow switched to Read
  2. Search doesn't work
  3. resuming an open Activity creates a second copy
  4. starred items don't stay starred


  1. not translated
  2. single player mode?

Turtle Art

  1. text too small
  2. no Journal integration
  3. no standard menus

Mesh View

  1. my icon disappears sometimes
  2. Shared book appeared and Read activity opened, but no data


  1. new layout a step backward: too busy
  2. how do you take a picture from full-screen mode?
  3. bezel button map?
  4. No copy capability


  1. No copy icon
  2. Is this how we want to handle preferences?
  3. icons could use some work


  1. No copy icon
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