Alternative uses of the money spent on an XO


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  1. Ok, let's have look.
  2. So, 1 XO laptop = about 162.60 €.
  3. An XO laptop lasts for 7 years. 162.60€/7 years= 23,23 €/yr= 1,94€/month.student.
    1. can be easily repaired as the XO is made to be repaired: it holds just 1 type of screw, they're all the same and can be opened with a simple small cross-screwdriver. Teachers and kids get a tutorial on how to open and repair their XO's. That's also part of the educational curriculum. How do you best learn how something works? Just open it and have a look what's inside. They can thus also be updated easily.
  4. But let us continue and suppose there are about 10 disciplines:
    1. reading and writing
    2. physics,
    3. biology,
    4. chemistry,
    5. math,
    6. mother language,
    7. english,
    8. religion/psychology,
    9. arts,
    10. gymnastics/sports,
    11. history
    12. geography
    13. economics/entrepreneurship
    14. technological/agricultural education
  5. and you actually want 1 text book and 1 exercise book / discipline, so that would make about 20 books/grade.year. Let's say that every book is about 100 pages? Paper & copy of some text costs about 0.02€/page x 100 pages/book= 2€/book in paper alone x 20 books = 40 €/year.grade.student.20 books. So that's about the double of what the OLPC/XO costs.
  6. The XO can hold about 1000 ebooks, so space enough for ALL the text and ebooks immediately for all grades from ages 5 till 18. So if we'd put all the 10 text-books on the XO, we'd still have enough money to pay for the 10 exercise books on paper!

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Alternative uses of the money spent on an XO

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