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The Ambassadors of the Environment TV/Mobile Broadcast Series is a program dedicated to sharing environmental knowledge and projects with children and students around the world, giving them a chance to learn about the environment and to engage directly in studies and exploration of it where they live. Based on a curriculum designed and implemented by the legendary environmentalist and filmmaker Jean-Michel Cousteau, together with Dr. Richard Murphy and the Ocean Futures Society team, this exciting children's program is currently installed at 10 locations around the world, including Hawaii, California, French Polynesia, Greece, Brazil, France and Alaska.

Mission Statement

This AOTE series aims to be the first of a new media genre: An interactive educational content series and age-specific websites dedicated to engaging all children in a curriculum of activities about the natural world around them. The multi-platform broadcasts will weave live action, 2D & 3D animation, digital puppetry, games, and music, while exploring the interconnectivity of humans and their surroundings. The AOTE content will be delivered around the world in portions as small as one minute and as large as one hour, utilizing live, age-specific websites for children to interactively upload their own games, music, and stories.

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