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How did you do the testing?

  • I used a self-test method in OK prompt to test audio & screen. Also I tried it in external microphone and headphones.
  • I tested the left, right speakers & microphone using browser & TamTammini activities. Also tested the external audio output & Line in function.
  • How long it took to charge the battery full. (Full Charge).
  • Tested the OLPC functions while the battery was dead and the power charger is plugged.
  • Screen frame area tested using frame key function.
  • Backlight function also tested.

What kind of problems that you had to face?

  • Activity Updated problem
  • Activity Updated problem
  • Playing audio getting idle suspends when power management is on, but its functions did not understand properly.
  • Screen rotation function in XO 1.5
  • Camera in XO 1.5

Defects you have found:

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