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After the meet up I went home and typed up a document of every single thing I use to setup up the olpc from wiping it clean to 656. (in other words, every action I do on the OLPC to customize it to the way I want it after clearing the memory doing an activated update to update 656.) Basicly I did this to save time and work for times where I fill up the drive with junk and/or have any other problems. I have not seen if this works w/ the newest update.

But I digress, heres the guide:

READ FIRST: How to use this guide

I havent tested this by copying and pasting directly from the wiki yet so please tell me if something doesnt work. For now, I recommend downloading this txt version of the guide to your xo or usb/sd drive. I made this for even the most technologically challenged person so please tell me if anything confuses you!
Anything in these boxes is to be typed into the terminal. Anything else describes parts of an action.

A NOTE ABOUT CTRL+ALT+ERASE: I really only press it after doing everything in the setup

Do whatever steps you want, obviously this is personalized towards me but much of it was learned at the MVCC and is useful to everyone.

How to save time typing all this junk into the terminal

  1. get a usb mouse and plug it into the XO
  2. open this email in the browse activity
  3. highlight one line and press ctrl+C
  4. switch to the terminal and test that you can type things
  5. press the scroll wheel (its also a button!) and it will paste the line of text
  6. press enter

(lengthy, yes, but impossible to make mistakes)

The Guide

how to get 656 onto the XO and clear memory

(start on another computer)

  1. download
  2. download
  3. put both onto a USB drive or SD card (i also throw in a zip file of all the downloaded activities I use to save time)
  4. put the usb/sd into your xo
  5. startup the xo while pressing all four buttons above the power button

Jabber on startup

(if you dont want it on startup then just do the sugar-control-panel line w/ no su or vi boforehand)

vi‭ .xsession
sugar-control-panel -s jabber
‭[(x)]   <== this means press the escape button

‭ ctrl+alt+erase


su -
rpm‭ -vi
mkdir /home/olpc/Activities
cd /home/olpc/Activities
tar xvzf opera-activity.tar.gz
rm opera-activity.tar.gz



su -
rpm -i flash-plugin-


‭Remove click to play in flash

su -
cd /usr/share/activities/Web.activity
mkdir bak‭
mv agent-stylesheet.css bak
mv clickToView.xml bak


Midnight Commander

this is a file browser to manage files and unzip the zip group of activities i put on the USB

(side note: you dont need to move the .xo files onto your XO computer, you can run them from the USB i think.

su -
yum install mc‭


Files to Delete

su -

‭Then right-click on the following and press the DELETE button

  • /usr/share/activities/AcousticMeasure.activity
  • /usr/share/activities/TurtleArtActivity.activity
  • /usr/share/activities/Paint.activity

‭Quit mc



‭Activities to Download

(again, i put these into a zip folder and threw it into my boot SD card, dedicated to serve the boot function, so that I dont need to downloadthem from the XO)

  1. ‭Start the Browse Activity
  2. ‭Go to the following URLs

I really hope this helps more than it confuses. Feel free to make comments about it on the discussion page.

Ben Rothman

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