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TST Biology
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The Biology collection is currently an overview of the creatures of the world. It includes photographs and descriptions of the major vegetation biomes and the major animal phyla. The current bundle is being developed with help from the E.O.Wilson Foundation.


Related material

Related biology activities in the classroom can include bio blitzes to capture photos and information about living things in one's environment, discussions of taxonomy, and learning about the environment.

Future planned additions

  • Add fungi to the list
    later: Add protists and monera; lower priority, harder to do labs
  • Add other major biomes -- from swamps to air and underwater regions
  • Add introduction to tools and gear - lenses, microscopes
    later: Add introduction to chemistry from experimental bio perspective; simple chemicals that can help identify or test
  • Add links to related fields: geology, chemistry, etc. Ideally including links to places to download bundles for each.

Test and review plans

If you are using this as part of a project, learning session, or class experience, please note here what you are doing and how you are testing it for accuracy and completeness; and how you are reviewing it to see what can be added or improved.


Here's the Activities/Biology_(8.2) content fragment for it:

Biology icon Biology: An introduction to phyla and biomes

Download: Biology (8.2) (v.9)

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