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This page is meant for an English speaking audience. As the project develops actual documentation will be in Spanish.



Primary agents for this project is Scelinux, the Sociedad Científica of the IT School at Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA), La Paz Bolivia. Despite the fancy name, their funding is zero except for electricity paid by the University, and a 10x15 rather bare room. While it has been reported in the US 99% of universities have free internet in campus, the UMSA IT School has all of one computer lab with 18 seats, legacy software of dubious provenance, no wireless anywhere on campus. A LTCP installation done by an American volunteer and given to the university's library has disappeared within 6 months.

Nevertheless Scelinux is spearheading through their own fundraising (basically their own pockets) advancement and support for FOSS in the La Paz area, regularly offering workshops and install fests and free support to Linux users, and have been instrumental in the release of BoliviaOS, a Ubuntu derivative, together with other FOSS and LUG teams in Bolivia.

They also were the core of the Sugar Aymara Translation event I have headed in September '08

I believe they can be trusted much more than any donation to the University or the government for they are individual people who are part of the FOSS community worldwide, and thus share values that have not yet become part of University life around them.

At the very initial stage User:Yamaplos will do linking with OLPC.


A Repair / hardware experimentation center.

with what

10 D machines and 5 M machines requested Jan 12 09, plus documentation that establishes these are damaged units to ease customs interaction.

20 machines were received, carried to Bolivia, and due to customs issues are technically owned now by the City Government of La Paz.<sub>Yamaplos</sub> 16:55, 13 February 2009 (UTC)

sustainability model



serial # problema comentarios destino actualizado
23155387 reloj reparada 20 de marzo 2009 desarrolladores SCELinux

Feb 5 2009

Ya empezamos con la reparacion de las OLPC

la forma en que lo estoy encarando es la siguiente:

  • Por cada computador existe ahora un folder donde cada vez que alguien utiliza la OLPC escribe un informe de lo que hizo, el tiempo que la utilizo y sus datos personales
  • Todos los sabados realizaremos talleres para compartir informacion recolectada por el grupo de trabajo
Erick Gomez
La Paz - Bolivia

Feb 10 2009

Tenemos reparadas las primeras 8 XO Algunas de las fallas encontradas fueron Clock, Boot, Monitor sin Brillo, Teclado inservible Pila sulfatada, Bobina reventada y boton o derecho roto SCELinux(Centro de Reparacion XO - OLPC)

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