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Bookreaders need to support a variety of paging styles for reading large-format texts.

Paging styles proposal

Large format or large-layout texts lend themselves to different sorts of paging forward and backward, depending on the column or page flow and the type of document involved (and on user preferences). Readers should explicitly take this into account and allow for one of a few paging styles.

Types of paging

Z style paging 
left to right, then top to bottom. This works well for single column large-format pages, or single column pages when read at a high zoom level.
backwards-N style paging 
top to bottom, right to left. This is for vertically-written Japanese or Chinese texts.
mirror-N style paging 
top to bottom, left to right. This is for newspapers or other multi-column texts.
group-preserving fractal paging 
similar to this xkcd map of the internet, suitable for browsing maps or images. pages around an image without jumping around.
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