Boston Saturday OJ/June 7, 2008


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About seven or eight people showed up including two 4.5 year olds.

A number of DOA XO's were disassembled by the youngsters (with some help) in order to make working units as well as to exchange back panels with an adult G1G1 owner.

Pictures were taken of the ease with which children who don't yet tie their shoes can fix their own laptop. Some insight on improving the on-line disassembly instructions was gathered.

The "Talk" activity was used as an impromptu aid to learning to read.

A non-XO owner was helped with installing the XO-LiveCD to run in emulation on their laptop.

XO development environments were discussed.

The grassroots on-line support community that answers G1G1 support requests was advertised with a request for new volunteers.

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